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We remodel your spaces

Angelica Mendoza

"Thanks to Smartinn we have managed to remodel the house of our dreams. We have never felt so comfortable at home."

Mario Perez-Castillo

"My apartment was amazing, just as I dreamed it one day. Thank you very much for the service, it really is very professional."

Maria Luisa

"Thank you very much for making my office a different experience, the sound was spectacular and now the meetings are more dynamic and professional."


We are passionate about taking your home or office into the future! Through automation you can have control of your spaces from your cell phone.


Each one of our clients has a specific dream or wish to fulfill and realize, for us as interlocutors between the space and the user it is of immense gratitude to interpret those wishes that motivate us to develop ideas that meet these expectations generating solutions to the different needs. and ideals of each client.

For this purpose, we meticulously manage each one of the projects from the initial concept to its materialization and its respective final delivery, we supervise in detail each phase of the process and offer a comprehensive and multidisciplinary service that complements our work in addition to the post-sale service that precedes each commissioning and/or architectural development.

guaranteed service

More than 2,673 satisfied customers

24/7 support

Our advisors are at your disposal to carry out the project of your dreams.

advanced technologies

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Your best option

We always seek to take risks with unconventional proposals


Every project is a new challenge

Efficiency and commitment

We stand out for executing projects in a responsible and guaranteed way.

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